Engineering Designs

We design all types of projects with different functional specializations and architectural uses.

All our Engineers have long experience in international design codes and local building systems in addition to the requirements of secretariats and municipalities. We always make sure that our client get his project accurately and clearly high detail and be delivered on time.

The following services are provided:  Preparing all design plans in various disciplines of Architectural designs Interior design – Civil – Plumbing – Electrical -HVAC –  firefighting – landscaping – urban planning for cities – And infrastructure networks – Modifying the existing designs and engineering plans – Anything related to the design of the building or facility until it constructed.

Method to Deal with projects of the office :

The office is dealt with through a structured scientific method that works on coordination between all sections after a complete planning for all stages of the project according to different design stages.

Design Stages

The design stages include:

  • Estimation of Project Value.
  • Initial study of project plans.

  • Put a number of solutions in each section.

  • The trade-off between different solutions in each section according to technical and financial studies for each solution separately.
  • Making detailed designs based on previous studies.

  • Preparation of specifications and Bill of quantities.
  • Prepare project tender documents.

Design Sections

1- Architectural Design Section

The engineers of the Section works on all types of projects and buildings of various functional specialties and on different architectural style and whatever the culture of the surrounding community as well as on the various budgets and the section provides the following services:  The initial design idea and present it to the owner until approval. Prepare all detailed design plans. Provide all presentations programs. Provide perspective for the project.

2- Civil Design Section

The engineers of the Section works and study the structural system required for the concrete, steel and infrastructure by choosing the best structure systems that achieve safety while taking into consideration the economic aspect of the cost of origin in a way that does not conflict with the requirements of the project and coordination with other disciplines involved in the work.

3- Electrical Design Section

The engineers of the section design all electrical systems, including: Power systems. . Lighting systems. Low current systems (fire alarm, cctv, communications, etc.) Design of external networks for infrastructure projects (low voltage network - medium voltage network - road lighting) All designs are in coordinated with Egyptian, international and codes and standards as well as the latest companies and institutions working in the field such as Schneider.

4- Interior Design and Decoration Section

The engineers of the Section works on all the decoration styles, from classic to modern high-tech.We do interior design for spaces to suit the client's style and daily comfort requirements as well as functional. We are also concerned with the decoration of administrative buildings and public buildings that require beauty and function at the same time. The department offers spaces designed as follows: - . Floor Pattern.
. Ceiling and lighting schemes.
. Wall Details.
. Furniture plans.
. 3D decoration Design for each space.

5- Mechanical work Section

Sanitary and firefighting works include:
. Design of water supply works (internal and networks).
. Design of sewage works (internal and networks).
. Design of firefighting works (internal and networks).
. Design of treatment plants (water purification - sewage ).
. Design of mechanical works (boilers - compressed air).
. Shop drawing for all previous works All designs according to Egyptian, international codes and standards as well as civil defense requirements.

6- Heat Ventilations Air Condition Section

Designs all air conditioning works (central air conditioning - split units - separate units) All designs are in accordance with Egyptian and international codes and standards and companies in the field such as Carrier, York and Trane.

7- Quantity Accounting Section

We calculate the quantities, requirements and specifications of materials and we also provide the service of preparing technical documents for projects and provide that service to all our customers from companies and specialized offices or individuals This service is provided in the following design disciplines: Architectural works - Construction works - Electromechanical Works - Interior design works - Infrastructure networks.
The terms and specification brochure and its quantities of business items are among the most important contract documents between the owner and the contractor. The evaluation of the project in terms of quantities and details allows the owner to know the quantities that must be purchased in everything related to his project and in this way can know the total cost of the project and how to organize it.

8- Infrastructure section Section

Bassamco is one of the leading infrastructure Consultancy firms that have been involved in the huge water networks in Saudi Arabia. Infrastructure projects for real estate development companies which include road networks, substations, street lighting systems, communication system, water and sewage systems – storm system.