Legislations Technology Information

If you are looking to get a career opportunity that combines law and technology, then you can be interested in the position of legislations technology media editor. Since the editor of law technology news, you will be responsible for creating a consistent editorial voice throughout all LTN outlets. This position will also need you to manage a small staff of reporters and contributers. You can expect to report to ALM’s senior administration. You will also produce increasing traffic to LTN by simply developing content and promoting their various means. As a member belonging to the ALM personnel, you will also be anticipated to represent the ALM by various legal technology industry events and conferences. In addition , you may need to be able to sustain your publication agenda while traveling. The right candidate will be technology-oriented and get at least 5 years of experience in journalism.

In addition to the news regarding legal tech, Law Technology News features regular interviews with industry teams leaders and includes a wide range of matters, such as e-discovery, remote operating, and GDPR. The blog also offers product walkthroughs and complete coverage of legaltech meetings. It also may include podcasts and links to relevant websites and websites.

Law Technology News studies on a landmark pilot project between the American Bar Connections and Skyrocket Lawyer, which usually offers legal offerings online. Their goal is usually legal ethics issues to raise accessibility to affordable legal solutions and help attorneys build small firms by using technology. LTN editor-in-chief Monica Bay outlines the ramifications of this joint venture, and investigates how technology is changing the scenery.






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